HomeMade Arts

COVID19 has been hard on us all (some harder than others) and it is great to see everyone coming together to help and support. Being stuck at home is driving a lot of people a bit crazy with running out of things to do, especially families with children. Artscoop and Edgbaston Arts Forum have come together to create an online magazine at www.homemadearts.org of which you can subscribe to get creative ideas sent straight to your email every fortnight as “Arts:)Mail”.

What is ‘HomeMade Arts’ ?
It’s a great new way of getting creative…be inspired by other
creative people to make and do things in your own way at

  • Enjoy discovering how imaginative you can be.Discover skills you never thought you had.Come up with things that you never expected….
  • It’s all about you, people around you, and showing others
  • what you can do.

…it’s for anyone who fancies having a go at something new,
no matter who you are… particularly if you think you are no
good at ‘art’.
It’s got nothing to do with talent: you’re creative when you choose wallpaper, make something daft with Lego, ice cupcakes in a different way, or even play noughts and crosses. So forget about ‘Art’ and let us help you discover how to create things in your own way.

HomeMade Arts comes to you as a free regular posting of

*(Visit: scroll to the bottom of any page and enter your name and email to receive the Creative Things To Do in your inbox as soon as they are released)

It’s put together and circulated by us at Artscoop Central. Each issue of HomeMade Arts includes lots of ‘Things to Do’, a gallery for posting what you make, a notice-board for feed-back, and a list of other opportunities.

Soon, ARTS:)MAIL will be a place where we can all swap ideas about ‘Things To Do’.
Get your regular ARTS:)MAIL and enjoy……