Artscoop requests Birmingham City Council to meaningfully engage with Edgbaston Reservoir users about its future.

Sunset over reservoir

We call for Birmingham City Council to openly and meaningfully engage with Reservoir users about developments on and around Edgbaston Reservoir.

To date, Birmingham City Council has engaged in tokenistic ‘consultation’ with Reservoir stakeholders and decisions about the Reservoir’s future are being made without the community’s genuine involvement. Some decisions being made risk the reservoir’s future as a Local Nature Reserve which is open and available to all. Thousands of new homes being built in the area will rely on the Reservoir for their green space. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. We call on Birmingham City Council to enter into an open, transparent collaboration with Reservoir users by:

– asking unbiased questions about the future of the whole Tower Ballroom site.

– recognising what reservoir users are saying in its future actions.

– co-designing workshops to democratically shape a long term future for the whole Tower Ballroom site.

– revaluing the Reservoir in well-being terms rather than financial terms.

Why is this important?

Signing this petition will help guide us Reservoir users towards shaping the future of Edgbaston Reservoir that WE want and take a stand against BCC’s tokenistic consultation processes.

The Reservoir is a Local Nature Reserve loved by its users, and should be valued in terms of its huge contribution to our well-being, not something which can be repeatedly cited by the council for financial exploitation by developers.

Together, we can look after and shape our reservoir. You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.

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Sunset over reservoir
Edgbaston Reservoir Sunset

Unsung Heroes

Unsung Heroes

Beat It Percussion CIC, Arts In The Yard & Artscoop Central, with support from the Birmingham City Council, are working together on a new project offering well-being and mental health support for our invisible essential workers:

– Supermarket and shopworkers
– Delivery and transport drivers
– Carers and social care workers
– Restaurant and hospitality workers
– Other essential workers

Feel supported by connecting with other essential workers.

Work with local artists to express yourself and share your experiences.



07875 090 946

Culture Programme of the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games

Culture Programme of the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games.



We at Artscoop (a network of local artists dedicated to arts with social purposes) are tickled pink to announce that we’ve got funding from Birmingham City Council to find out how ‘home art’ made by people living in SW Birmingham could feature in the Culture Programme of the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

By ‘home art’, we mean all those joyfully creative things that people make or do for themselves, their friends, families or work mates. Think whacky signs or banners, decorated gardens, inventions made in sheds, NHS rainbows, knitted oddities, floral shrines at accident spots, fancy dress, or ingenious scarecrows, There are hundreds of other unpredictable ways people celebrate who they are, where they live or work, and what they believe in…..or they just do it for fun.   

Home art definitely isn’t part of the ‘art world’: galleries and other arts institutions usually dismiss it, and it’s ignored by so-called experts. No matter, we’re asking people themselves to help us discover good examples in SW Birmingham. Between now and the end of January, send us photographs of what you think is home art and we’ll pay you for the ones we select to go in our on-line gallery. And that’s only the start – before Easter, we’ll be asking people how they think we can put on a show for 2022.

If this interests you as a way of showing the world that Birmingham people are creative in their own special ways, get in touch at We’ll send you information about what you can do and how to do it.  Hope to hear from you, because we can’t do this without the people who live in Bartley Green, Edgbaston, Harborne, North Edgbaston and Quinton.

To download this PressRelease and circulate please download HERE

HomeMade Arts

COVID19 has been hard on us all (some harder than others) and it is great to see everyone coming together to help and support. Being stuck at home is driving a lot of people a bit crazy with running out of things to do, especially families with children. Artscoop and Edgbaston Arts Forum have come together to create an online magazine at of which you can subscribe to get creative ideas sent straight to your email every fortnight as “Arts:)Mail”.

What is ‘HomeMade Arts’ ?
It’s a great new way of getting creative…be inspired by other
creative people to make and do things in your own way at

  • Enjoy discovering how imaginative you can be.Discover skills you never thought you had.Come up with things that you never expected….
  • It’s all about you, people around you, and showing others
  • what you can do.

…it’s for anyone who fancies having a go at something new,
no matter who you are… particularly if you think you are no
good at ‘art’.
It’s got nothing to do with talent: you’re creative when you choose wallpaper, make something daft with Lego, ice cupcakes in a different way, or even play noughts and crosses. So forget about ‘Art’ and let us help you discover how to create things in your own way.

HomeMade Arts comes to you as a free regular posting of

*(Visit: scroll to the bottom of any page and enter your name and email to receive the Creative Things To Do in your inbox as soon as they are released)

It’s put together and circulated by us at Artscoop Central. Each issue of HomeMade Arts includes lots of ‘Things to Do’, a gallery for posting what you make, a notice-board for feed-back, and a list of other opportunities.

Soon, ARTS:)MAIL will be a place where we can all swap ideas about ‘Things To Do’.
Get your regular ARTS:)MAIL and enjoy……


Brums Lockdown Art Menu - No11 Arts News

We art Artscoop hope you are well and healthy during this COVID19 Pandemic and want to keep you entertained during these challenging times.

Number 11 Arts Newsletter has a number of “Virtual Activities” you can do to keep you and your children or anyone else you know you many be struggling during this time, busy and active.

See below for more information and download the PDF of the pages below HERE.

Drawing Sessions at Lightwood House

Drawing Sessions

For those artists amongst us who enjoy drawing the human figure we are starting the Drawing Sessions again at Lightwoods House in Bearwood on the 2nd of March.

Drawing Sessions

It is £10 a session and these are drop in sessions so there’s no joining fee or minimum sessions booked in advance.

Find the venue here:

All are welcome – just bring your art supplies. Not sure what to bring?

Start with a pencil, rubber and a sketchbook and work your way up to whatever direction you want to go in.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Arts:)Mile 2019

If you managed to make ArtsMile 2019 then it was good to see you and we hope you enjoyed the event.

It was our busiest ever and with even more going on and I’m sure next year will be even busier and more ambitious.

We are proud of what we achieved together and are happy to see so many people having fun on the day and enjoying themselves.

Here are a few highlights of the day:

ArtsMile 2019

Thanks again to all those who attended #ArtsMile2019Here's a video showing a quick recap of the event.Bring back any fun memories, anyone?Filming and editing: Kyle Bentley (

Posted by ArtsMile on Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Thanks to Shirley for an amazing job at organising this year’s ArtsMile.
Thank you to Harborne Business Investment District for their support.
Thank you to Artscoop Central for their involvement.
Thank you to the amazing artists on the day.
Thank you to Kyle for the video work.
Thank you to Ayesha for the photography
…and most importantly thank YOU for coming along.

That’s it for another year. ArtsMile 2019 was our biggest yet and we plan to be bigger next year.